About Us

Horizons University seeks to provide a practical, one-on-one learning experience for students through innovative plans of study, a strong global focus, and personalized instruction tailored to each student’s learning goals.

Horizons University takes pride in empowering its students with the opportunity to further their education, including students for whom education would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographic, financial, political, and other constraints. Horizons University feels that if a student is motivated, hard working, and self-directed there should no reason for you not to have access to education.
Horizons University offers a variety of accredited degree programs in the business field (BBA, MBA and DBA programs) along with online Masters degrees in International Education, Cross-Cultural Communication and French Language and Culture. It also takes pride in offering the only accredited MBA in Martial Arts in the world.

Horizons University was designed to offer its students high quality education at an affordable price. Our degree programs and their courses are developed by experts in their field, our Faculty members have extensive experience in their areas of specialization, and they are committed to the success of their students. A pioneer in distance learning, Horizons University’s flexible programs allow you to plan your studies around their responsibilities, and give its students the opportunity to accelerate their degree.

The online programs are completed fully online, and are self-paced. The highly qualified international Faculty are a “guide on the side” instead of being a “sage on the stage”, as they work with our students to facilitate their learning.

The on-campus programs are offered with a blended approach, where students take intensive seminars, and complete the rest of their work independently. This method allows the on-campus students to work while they study, and have face-to-face interaction with our Faculty.

All of the degrees and their courses, both online and on-campus, have a high focus on the acquisition of practical skills, and on the application of knowledge. Our Faculty and Student Mentors work together to help you reach your academic, personal, and professional objectives.