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PhD in International Entrepreneurship

On-campus in French / Online in English

- Year-by-Year Breakdown - Course Description

The PhD Program at Horizons University prepares students for leadership positions in global organizations, careers as independent consultants, entrepreneurs, business researchers and also project managers and business owners.

This program focuses on modern trends in leadership across the globe. Today’s leader is adaptable, a change agent, and demonstrates innovative thinking in a fast-changing environment. The global leader is culturally aware. A PhD will grant the ability to analyze data, anticipate events and influence teams to buy-in decisions. requirements. 

Duration 3 years
Credit Value 180 Credits  (Honors 240)*
Admission Requirements Master’s degree or Equivalent
Languages French (on-campus) or English (online)
Study Options Online or On Campus
Tuition 3450€ yearly
Registration Fee 60€ yearly
Technology Fee 80€ yearly



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PHD program is accredited by ECBE - European Council for Business Education

Year-by-Year Breakdown


Year 1
PHD630 (10 ECTS) Entrepreneurship Theory
PHD650 (10 ECTS) Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
PHD740 (10 ECTS) Business Research Methods
PHD792 (10 ECTS) Dissertation Proposal
Year 2
PHD730 (10 ECTS) Entrepreneurial Intelligence
PHD610 (10 ECTS) International Business Strategy
PHD782 (20 ECTS) Journal Writing
PHD802 (40 ECTS) Dissertation Writing
Year 3
PHD830 (10 ECTS) Global Entrepreneurship
PHD832 (10 ECTS) The Future of Entrepreneurship
PHD810 (40 ECTS) Dissertation Writing up and Defense



PHD630 - Entrepreneurship Theory

 his course examines theoretical constructs related to the entrepreneurial process.  Attention is given to entrepreneurship in various economic, social, and globalization contexts.  Significant emphasis is placed on the distinctiveness of entrepreneurship as an area of academic scholarship.

PHD650 -  Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

This is an advanced study of the investigation procedures used in business research.  Considerations for using techniques such as Action Research, Focus Groups, Interviews, Experimental Designs, Factor Analysis, and are other methods are covered.

PHD740 - Business Research Methods. 

This course is a doctoral-level introduction to conducting business research.  Emphasis is placed on designing and executing an original research project similar to those undertaken by various stakeholders in an international business environment.

PHD792 - Dissertation Proposal. 

This course focuses on the development of the dissertation proposal under the supervision of a doctoral faculty member.  Students will be guided through the completion of a proposal which will be eligible for submission to the university.

PHD730 -  Entrepreneurial Intelligence

This course addresses entrepreneurship from the standpoint of the sources of knowledge which inform the entrepreneur and his/her environment.  The contributions of raw data, economic processes, technology, and psychology are included.

PHD610 -  International Business Strategy.

This course is grounded on the fundamental principles of strategic management and focuses on strategy-making decisions in international business corporations.  Emphasis is given to corporate-level analysis, strategy formation and implementation, and the goal of crafting a sustainable competitive advantage in a global market.

PHD782 - Journal Writing. 

This course facilitates the student’s ability to write, review, edit, and format an original paper to meet the publication standards of an academic journal.  When completed, the course results in a published article in Horizons University Business Journal.

PHD830 - Global Entrepreneurship.   

This course examines the application of theory to pragmatic research topics and designs in the field of entrepreneurship.  It surveys various social, economic, and managerial phenomena that influence the entrepreneurial process.  The course serves as a preparation for dissertation-quality research.

PHD832 - The Future of Entrepreneurship

This course covers the trends of entrepreneurship for the next decade in view of the changes in business needs, technology and needs that will emerge over the years at the global level.

PHD800 - Dissertation Writing

Credit is given in this course for satisfactory work completed towards the doctor dissertation, following the acceptance of a proposal through the preparations for the defense.

PHD810 - Dissertation Writing up and Defense

In this course the student is asked to present, illustrate and discuss with his facilitator the Dissertation prepared in PHD800. Credit is given in this course for satisfactory defense of the work done.



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